Fitness Coaching & Community Since 2008

Dig. Repair. Grow.

Fitness Coaching & Community Since 2008

Dig. Repair. Grow. 

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New Roots was created in 2008 with the motivation of making fitness accessible for ALL athletes regardless of goals, experience, abilities, age, size, or gender. Fitness is for everyone, and a fitter/healthier/stronger community is a better community. New Roots’ Coaches hold themselves, and each other to a high standard of instructing, programming effective and efficient workouts, and practicing patience to let every athlete be in the physical, mental, and emotional space they are in that day. It is our vision to not only help our athletes increase their strength and endurance, but to help them become better humans, better spouses, better students, better parents, and better neighbors…which in turn benefits us all. This is more than a gym, this is a community that empowers you to be the best version of yourself.




“So, when you are out of shape, the gym looks scary and intimidating. It’s hard. You know you need to do it, but the thought of being awkward and embarrassed in front of other people, most of whom are super-fit, is enough to keep you on the couch.” Amy

Services Include

Strength & Conditioning Classes

We have over 30 classes per week to help prepare you to move more freely through life leaner & meaner, without being out of breath… stronger, faster, more balanced and mobile, more confident, and ultimately a healthier human being! These classes are for everyone!

24/7 Open Gym "Old Roots"

Old Roots Strength Gym (2605 E 7th Ave) is Northern AZ Strongest Gym. With 24/7 keyless entry access, and an old school feel, this is every Powerlifter, Strongman Competitor, Weightlifter, or Bodybuilder’ dream gym. Old Roots is the place for you if you’re tired of the crowded big box corporate gyms.

Online Programming & Coaching

Get a custom fitness program created for you to follow to ensure your workouts are efficient and effective, or work with one of our Coaches remotely/virtually who can motivate, encourage, and hold you accountable to reach your goals.

Private Fitness Coaching

Private Coaching can be just what you need to begin your fitness journey. When working one on one with one of our coaches you can expect the highest level of instruction, attention, encouragement, motivation, patience, and accountability.


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