Meet Amy

So, when you are out of shape, the gym looks scary and intimidating.  It’s hard.  You know you need to do it, but the thought of being awkward and embarrassed in front of other people, most of whom are super-fit, is enough to keep you on the couch.  Well, it was for me, anyway.

Everyone told me, including my running-crazed brothers, to get a personal trainer.  I had only a vague idea about what they do, but I knew it was more than I was used to paying for myself on anything.  Finally, someone told me to look at it as an investment in my future, because poor health means you really don’t have much of a future.  That really hit home for me.  My mom died at age 60 from obesity-related health problems and I was on that same path if I didn’t get my act together.  I was obese and was developing lots of health issues.

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I met with a few other personal trainers and tried out a few “boxed” fitness programs, but those didn’t work for me because they had a program in their heads that didn’t take who I am and how much I travel for work into account.  I knew I needed someone who would actually hear me when I was talking, accept my quirkiness, try to see my perspective and be completely non-judgmental about my weight.  I came across Jesse’s website at random and even though he was nothing like what I thought I wanted (A woman, around my age, who “understood my journey”) I took a chance in meeting him because I was running out of options!

Best decision I’ve made in years.

From that wobbly first lunge when I could barely move across the floor to running a 5K for the first time in my life to my latest heavy-lifting workout, Jesse has been a calm and encouraging partner in my quest for better health.  He helped me believe in myself, believe that even I could achieve these goals that seemed so unattainable, kept me moving forward, cheering every small step of progress and encouraging me through the tough parts.  Jesse taught me how to exercise -how to make fitness work into how I live my life, not just something to do when I had spare time.  He taught me that I have just as much right to be in a gym as anyone else, and to understand that the only person I need to be better than is the person I was yesterday.  Even better, he made it fun.

I am grateful I took that chance, because, yeah, I lost a lot of weight, but I got my life back.  Could not have done it without Jesse.

Meet Juli

I joined a gym in October of 2007. I was determined to lose weight and get into shape. I signed up for a personal trainer. I was lucky enough to be paired with Jesse Coddington as my personal trainer. He has enabled me to lose 100 pounds in a year’s time.

Jesse quickly assessed my ability and determination. He designed work outs that I could accomplish and that would help me lose weight. He listened to me and encouraged me to push myself. I trusted Jesse to keep me safe while I worked out after our first session.

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Jesse has the ability to motivate and encourage me. He never was disappointed if I could not do an exercise or complete an exercise. He would modify my workout so I would be able to achieve the same level of exercise. Jesse continuously checks in with me about my comfort level with both the weight loss plan and my exercise plan. Jesse is very knowledgeable about exercise and nutrition. He would help when I faced dietary obstacles or felt bored with my weight loss plan. I feel Jesse and I are partners in my endeavor to lose weight and become a fit, healthy woman.
I know that I would not be experiencing the same level of success in my weight loss or fitness level if I were not working out under the guidance of Jesse. He pushes me to reach beyond my perceived ability to accomplish exercises I would not believe I could ever do. Jesse also keeps my workouts fresh and introduces new routines so that I do not get bored. I am constantly looking forward to working out with Jesse. It is a challenge and a thrill to accomplish the workouts he plans for me.

Under the guidance of Jesse, I have increased my overall energy levels; my blood pressure is normal, and my blood sugar levels are once again in the normal levels. Prior to starting with the gym and Jesse, I was on blood pressure medication, border-line diabetic and did not feel like doing much of anything. I am a new woman and I owe this rebirth to Jesse Coddington.

I whole heartedly recommend Jesse Coddington as a personal trainer to any one who wants to lose weight, get fit or increase their fitness level. Jesse completely invests himself in his client’s success. I am lucky to have been given this opportunity to work with Jesse and my results show what an excellent trainer Jesse is. I am looking forward to losing additional weight and becoming the woman I should be, under the guidance of Jesse Coddington.

Meet Robert

Different people have different reasons for using a personal trainer. Before working with Jesse, I had been working out consistently on my own for about two years, so I thought of myself as a more or less “advanced” exercise/fitness enthusiast. I wasn’t sure that I would get much benefit from having a personal trainer, but I decided to sign up for a block of training sessions to see if I could get some tips on form, and maybe learn a few new things. I have been quite surprised by my experience of receiving personal training from Jesse. In order to keep this short and to the point, I’ll just mention a few of the many positive aspects of working out with Jesse as my personal trainer.

•Learning and reinforcement of proper lifting form
•Having a program designed for me, rather than just “winging it”.
•Having a wider variety of exercises to work on, than I had on my own.
•Having a professional to evaluate progress and re-adjust my fitness program as necessary.Having an “Accountablity Czar” to report to.
•Having an “Efficiency Driver” to help me make the best use of my time.

Meet Sharon

When I began training with Jesse I was 51 years old, about 130 pounds overweight, and in really awful physical condition. My doctor had recently shocked me into a state of awareness when she described me as a person who was suffering from “multiple morbidities” (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, Type II Diabetes . . .) I found exercise to be exhausting, and was so embarrassed by my physical state that I found the gym to be very intimidating. I knew in my head I had to address these issues, but emotionally I was stuck and overwhelmed.

From the first day I started training with Jesse, everything began to change. Jesse realistically assessed my fitness level and worked with me from where I was at. He helped me see where I wanted to go and made it seem possible to get there. Jesse led me through challenging workouts that built my strength and confidence without making me want to run away. Jesse’s passion for fitness and his excellent skills as a trainer, combined with his compassion, insight, and great sense of humor, helped open a door for me that I truly couldn’t have opened alone. I have lost more than 70 lbs. and counting. I feel years younger, stronger and more energetic than I have ever felt in my life. I can buy normal size clothes, my overall health has greatly improved, and I am excited to see what else changes as I follow this journey through to the end.

I am sure there are many trainers, including Jesse, who can take an athlete to the “next level” of achievement. But for someone such as myself who was seriously overweight, discouraged and very overwhelmed, Jesse is a rare find. My decision to train with Jesse is the best decision I have ever made in regards to my health, energy level and overall well-being. Thank you Jesse!

Meet Becky

Wes is an awesome trainer for multiple reasons. First, he is just a fun guy to spend time working out with. I always enjoy my time with him. He has a great sense of humor. Second, he always works me harder than I think I can work. I really love that. I know if I were on my own I would quit long before I do when training with Wes. He offers the perfect balance of pushing me and encouraging me. Third, he has helped me balance nutrition and exercise to help me lose fat, and gain muscle. I have currently lost 18 pounds in 3 months! Yay! Fourth, He keeps the workouts fun, challenging, and offers a lot of variety. We are always doing different exercises, and for me that is awesome. I never feel like it is too routine or boring. Fifth, he customizes everything to me! My health concerns, my desires, my personal strengths and weaknesses, and schedule are all taken into consideration. Sixth, he cares. He cares about everyone he works with which includes his clients, the High School students he coaches, and the community. He spends countless hours on our behalf.

Meet Daphne

Thank you Jesse for being the best personal trainer EVER!!! I have literally tried everything to lose weight. I have hundreds of dollars in work out videos that gather dust. I’ve had 3 other personal trainers before I met Jesse. They were all a waste of time and money. Jesse is the only personal trainer who was fun, professional, and knowledgeable enough to motivate me to lose 40 pounds and also teach me skills to keep it off! I look great, feel great and I am so grateful that Jesse was there to guide me through my weight loss journey.

Meet Sandi

I’ve been training with Jesse Coddington for over a year and I think he is an amazing trainer. Jesse’s best training assets are: his knowledge of exercises and of the human body, his upbeat personality, the attention he gives to each of his clients, and the different exercise routines he creates for each session. He makes your workouts fun and they’re different all the time so that you don’t get bored. During a workout session with Jesse, he is very attentive and will correct your form as needed so that you get the full benefit of an exercise.

Before I signed up to train with Jesse I had trained with two other trainers, plus I’ve had a gym membership for over 25 years. I’ve had experience with a very good trainer and experience with a not so good trainer, plus I’ve observed many, many people being trained over the years. Jesse is good!! I am in my fifties and have two bad knees so one of my training goals was to strengthen my legs without hurting my knees. Jesse has made me strong all over and done it without any injuries.

Jesse will help you achieve your goals, whatever they are, and he will help you with enthusiasm and a smile!

Meet Tracy

Working out with Jesse is great! When I started working out with Jesse my goal was to lose 20 pounds and feel comfortable wearing shorts on my upcoming cruise. After six weeks of training with him I achieved my goals and went down 2 pants sizes! I feel much healthier and have so much more self-confidence! I look forward to continuing my training and reaching my long-term goals with him. I am so glad my friend introduced me to Jesse! This has been the best thing that could have happened to me since I just wasn’t able to do it by myself.

Meet Kristina

I have nothing but good things to say about Jesse and the New Roots crew! In fact, New Roots is one of the things I miss the most about living in Flagstaff. Prior to starting classes there, I had really fallen off the strength training horse. I ran my first 100 mile race a few weeks before starting at New Roots, and was more sore after the first one-hour class than I was after 28+ hours on my feet. This showed me that I had some seriously weak areas and a lot of work to do to fix them. I can’t say I particularly enjoy strength training and 99% of the time I would rather be running outside. However, I know that doing so consistently makes feel so much stronger when I am running. I appreciate that classes at New Roots were convenient, fun and productive; I got a great workout and a few laughs in, all in the span of an hour. As a Physical Therapy student, I also really appreciated the small class sizes and attention to body mechanics to ensure everyone’s safety. I would highly recommend New Roots to anyone looking to be challenged and become stronger in a fun, inclusive atmosphere.

Meet Sean

I’ve been a runner for over 30 years, while concentrating mostly on ultramarathons the past 15 years. Along the way, I’ve occasionally dabbled in the weight room, as I know gaining strength is a good thing. However, it’s only just been dabbling (or even playing). I’d go to a gym and just do a few exercises that I remembered from college courses I took over 20 years ago. When I moved to Flagstaff, I started getting massages from Shea, who works in the New Roots building. It was through my semi-consistent visits with Shea that I started thinking about strength training on a more regular basis, not to lose weight, but rather, to actually increase my strength. Last fall, during some down-time from my running, I decided to try the New Roots strength classes. It was incredibly eye-opening being reintroduced to the weight room by the great trainers at New Roots. They taught me the functionality of mixing together strength training, cardio and plyometrics. They taught me that working out at a gym in a group class can be fun (I’m typically a solitary trainer). They taught me proper technique on both new exercises and exercises I’ve done before. They pushed me to get stronger, and that strength has helped me to hold better form longer in races, thus, wasting less energy. Training at New Roots with Jesse, Dan, and Wes is a great way to get stronger in a very fun and encouraging atmosphere.

Meet Dani

This is the best gym I had ever been to! I started nervously but immediately felt comforted by the trainers and others working out alongside me. I had zero gym shame which was monumental as I began my journey. This amazing team has kept me motivated and I lost 20 pounds in just 30 days!What I love is that every day I am getting stronger and reaching new goals! The trainers really know what they are doing. The classes are challenging but in a healthy and fun way. In these classes the trainers are there for you! They help you make modifications as needed and push you when needed, ultimately resulting in a great workout for your body. I have never felt so confident in my workout routine and now I’m a regular. Bottom line is that this is the Best gym experience I have ever had.

Meet Isabella

I struggled not just with a little weight gain from my first few years of college, but I lacked a whole lot of confidence. I found myself really unhappy in a lot of aspects of my life. I had heard about New Roots through one of their interns, and decided to give it a try. After the first week, I knew this place wasn’t going to just be somewhere I work out, but a place I could come to get all of my stresses from the day out, or start my day out right. I have gotten a few friends to come try out some classes and they end up joining the next day! Both Dan and Jesse have been such huge influences in my life, and I truly don’t know if i would be where I am today without them. You are lucky if you meet people like them in your lifetime, and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to train with them, and learn from the both of them. I would highly recommend New Roots to anyone, there is no place like it!

Meet Jeremy

21 months ago, I began working out at New Roots. Outside of an effective and customizable workout program, it’s been the place where I improved my mental and physical health and found friends and mentors. I came to New Roots in my time of greatest need. Two years ago, my toxic family environment made me feel weak and worthless. These feelings led to my doctor diagnosing me with severe depression and suicidal thoughts. Eventually, I was almost institutionalized for my own safety. I began working out hoping to obtain self confidence. What I found was so much more, I found a community and support. I found people I could call family. I was able to take ownership of my body and began to create and sculpt the body I wanted. After I started, I never stopped. I advanced quickly, and at some point, the classes weren’t sufficient enough to keep up with my training. The New Roots crew recognized this and created a personalized training schedule for me. As of now, I’ve gained 30 pounds, competed in powerlifting, and plan to compete in bodybuilding soon. I know it sounds cliche, but New Roots and working out literally saved my life.


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